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  • Collection: Art 467 (Celtic Art)

A photo and outline of the the Taurus constellation.

This panel from a double-stone relief depicts Mithras slaying the sacred bull. A Roman sculpture, it was a scene central to the Mithraic mysteries. Mithras domination of the bull, thought of as the symbol of strength and aggression, demonstrates his…

19th century painting Last Day of Numantia by Alejo Vera. Museo del Prado

Map illustrating Celtiberian linguistic influences

Map of the Celtiberian territory

three horned bull.jpg
One of about forty small statuettes recovered in Gaul, this figurine shows a simplistically-rendered bull. Its unique quality is due to the third horn, placed in the center of the forehead. Its purpose is unknown, but the small size and plethora of…

The "tercio de varas"

The "tercio de banderillas"

bullfight 2.png
The torero displays his reward for a job well done: the ear and hoof of the bull.

Image from a 2010 bullfight, depicting the third "tercio de muerte" stage.
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