Cernnunos: A Contemporary Adaptation, curated by Kaitlin Knapp


Cernunnos, the stag-god of ancient Celtic cultures and often represented in centuries-old relics and artifacts, is brought into the contemporary scene through the artwork of this painter and mixed media artist. Most commonly represented cross-legged and bearded, this god is shown in Tree of Life and Cernunnos in a completely new way: infantile and out of the Celtic context. Why is an infant Cernunnos portrayed? Why is he in new positions and compositions? Through his pieces, Mark Ryden provides Cernunnos with a new context embedded with Christian and Celtic motifs, iconography, and cultural allusionst to both reference and strengthen the idea of the power of the tree as creator and critique Christianity as responsible for the dissosiation of man from nature.



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Exhibition Essay

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Cernunnos and Tree of Life


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