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Map of Plot and Description

High Elevation Plot Map

Location of High Elevation Plot on Battle Park Map

The High Elevation Plot is located off of the Sourwood Loop trail in Battle Park. When walking clockwise on the Sourwood Loop, the plot is located directly to the right of the trail near a group of rocks. This plot seems to be older because of the high concentration of oak and hickory species and there are not many pine, which would be a sign of a younger forest. This plot contains Sourwood, White Oak, American Beech, Red Maple, Shortleaf Pine, Pignut Hickory, Sweetgum, and Bitternut Hickory species of trees. There is a full canopy and a substantial amount of underbrush. Among the uneven areas of ground, there are groupings of boulders. There is also a nice bench near the path on the edge of the plot that can be used to sit and observe. It is advised to avoid the yellowjacket nest located at the base of an oak near the middle of the plot.  

High Elevation Plot Google Earth

Google Earth Image of Approximate Location of High Elevation Plot

Pictures are taken from around the same spot, at the front of the high elevation woods, just off the Sourwood loop trail. Pictures taken at different times of the year catalog the changing colors in the plot as the seasons progress.

Site 2- front 11/7

View from the front of the plot November 11

Site 2- front 11/21

View from the front of the plot November 21