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Representative Tree Species in Battle Park

Representative Tree Species in Battle Park


In the five small plots studied, students identified twenty-four species of trees.  The list is not comprehensive, as there are likely at least several other species which were not on our sites.  The list below does show some of the diversity of understory and canopy trees in a North Carolina piedmont forest.

Botanical Name                       Common Name

Acer rubrum                            (Red maple)

Acer saccharum                       (Sugar maple)

Carpinus caroliniana                (Ironwood)

Carya glabra                          (Pignut hickory)

Carya cordiformis                    (Bitternut hickory)

Carya ovalis                           (Red hickory)

Carya tomentosa                    (Mockernut hickory)

Catalpa speciosa                    (Northern catalpa)

Cercis canadensis                   (Eastern redbud)

Cornus florida                        (Flowering dogwood)

Fagus grandifolia                    (American beech)

Fraxinus americana                 (White ash)

Fraxinus pennsylvanica            (Green ash)

Liquidamber stryaciflora           (Sweetgum)

Loriodendron tulipferea            (Tulip poplar)

Magnolia grandifolia                (Southern magnolia)

Nyssa sylvatica                       (Blackgum, Black tupelo)

Oxydendrum arborem             (Sourwood)

Pinus echinata                       (Shortleaf pine)

Quercus alba                         (White oak)

Quercus laurifolia                   (Laurel oak)

Quercus rubra                        (Red oak)

Sassafras albidum                  (Sassafras)

Ulmus alata                          (Winged elm)