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Site 5: The Creek Beach

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Plot Information

Basic Description:

The vast majority of trees in this plot were Short Leaf Pines and American Beech, and the other types of trees mainly consisted of Sugar Maple, Red Maple, Sweet Gum, and Hickory. However, there was a number of cases where a tree species was only found once. Overall, the plot ranged from trees of 1 foot to 150 feet.


The location of this plot is very distinct and all of its surroundings greatly affect the types of trees in growth. It is approximately a five minute walk from UNC's Ehringhaus dorms. The region lies in between a long creek and a sewage pipe, perhaps adding to a poorer nutrition of the plants. Since there is such easy access to water, plants here most likely grow at a faster rate. However, the sewage line still has influence on the pollution of nutrients. The creek beach plot is also towards the middle of the pinetum, settled between the bottom of a hill and a slope (the slope's incline is approximately 6 per 100 feet). This aerial feature, along with the fact that the plot is located within 100 yards of residencies, also contributes to the growth rate, density, and species of trees.