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Quick Conclusion Before You Leaf


Christian does whatever it takes to get the information we needed.

From surveying our plot, we discovered that Sugar Maples were the prevalent tree in the Elevated Woodland plot. Our data concluded that Sugar Maples made up 38.8% of our trees with the next most common tree being the Dogwood with 14.3%. Out of all of the Sugar Maples, only one reached to a height above 50 feet and most of the trees were between 10 and 25 feet. From our third graph, we can see that besides one, all of the Sugar Maples had very similar diameters. 

We were very surprised to only find on shortleaf pine tree in the supposed Coker "Pinetum". Even with the only one shortleaf pine, we had twelve different species of trees.

Concluded from our data, the average diameter was 12.43 cm and the average age was 13.28 years old. The majority of our trees were between the 10-25 feet height range. Our tallest tree was our lonesom shortleaf pine and our shortest was a White Oak. The oldest tree was a White Oak at approximately 115 years old and our youngest was a Dogwood at approximately 0.76 years old. The widest diameter was a White Oak at 69 cm and our smallest diameter was a White Oak at 1 cm.


Odd occurances in our plot:

  • Sugar Maple had twisted bark most likely from a vine. (See Gallery)
  • Heart-shaped Dogwood leaf.
  • Only one pine tree.



Walking through the field
the brown earth crumbles beneath my feet
the leaves and branches all seem to yield
gliding through the brush and peat

how did these trees get here, did they move or did they walk?
Wondering what these trees would say to us
if they could form mouths and talk

Feeling like a naturalist spending time in the woods
the air is fresh and smells of spice
perhaps Thoreau would spend his time in our hood
where silence and solitude is quite nice

--Christian Cotton 2014


-A Haiku-


Walking through the woods

Red Stripe bottle on the ground

Party at the plot


--Christian Cotton 2014