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Plot 4: Pine Area

     Plot 4 begins just after crossing the bridge along the Woodland Trail. The plot contained a few pines around it; however no pines were located inside the plot. The terrain is mostly flat, and the dirt is densely packed. The land begins to slope upwards along the eastern edge of the plot. It is a well-shaded area, thanks to several very large trees with wide, branching canopies. This plot contained a variety of trees, but the majority was definitely the American Beech (10 American Beech trees were identified in the plot). Most of the trees were located closer to the edges of the plot. The majority of the trees within this area are deciduous, and in the winter the ground is covered in a thick layer of dead leaves. Most of the trees found in this plot were very young (0 to 10 years of age) which suggests that an event might have occcurred that cleared older trees and provided a new niche for younger trees to begin growing. The trees' age was found from multiplying its diameter (in inches) by the trees' growth factor, and the oldest tree found in our plot was a single White Oak that was over a hundred years old. A map of our plot displaying the trees that were identified can be found on the following page.