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Appropriation and Translation: Celtic Art in Roman Gaul and Britain, curated by Adam Harris

While a unified definition of either Roman or Celtic art is, at best, difficult to establish, this exhibition seeks to present, deconstruct and diagnose the intermingling of these distinct artistic sensibilities through the locus of particular works of art from Roman Gaul and Britain. With particular emphasis on how Celtic artists adapted to the influx of Roman culture under the aegis of military occupation, these works become all the more integral in addressing questions of Celtic identity: What features of Roman art were appropriated entirely and what were translated into some Celtic equivalent? In what areas, if any, did artists refuse or seem unable to compromise? By exploring where these artistic and cultural spheres intersect, we will perhaps gain a more subtle understanding of both, as well as an appreciation of the cultural forces that seem to compel the stylistic predilections and inclinations of a given age and society.