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Appropriation and Translation: Celtic Art in Roman Gaul and Britain, curated by Adam Harris

While a unified definition of either Roman or Celtic art is, at best, difficult to establish, this exhibition seeks to present, deconstruct and diagnose the intermingling of these distinct artistic…

Celtic Plaid, Highland Tartans, and Scottish Identity: curated by Rachel C. Kirby

“‘The costume consisted of a blouse with sleeves, confined in some cases by a belt, with trousers fitting close at the ankle, and a tartan plaid fastened up at the shoulder with a…

Chronicling "Silent Sam"

Silent Sam rally 1.jpg
Welcome to Chronicling "Silent Sam." This exhibit features archival materials that highlight the history of the controversial Confederate Monument, also known as "Silent Sam." The monument was…

Into the Woods: Fall 2014

tree species.png
Add high-level description of project here.

Musical Culture in the American South

Person cover.jpg
The history of Southern musical culture is extensive and multifaceted. Music has played a central role in defining the culture and the history of Southern America, as a component of religious…

Never Give Up!

Since starting to teach what I affectionately call "my tree course," I have been reading every book I can find on the subject of trees. A recent one, The Wild Trees, chronicles the career of botanist…

Shalom Y'all: An Archival Study of the Jewish Experience in the American South

The following exhibits were created by the students of American Studies 486: Shalom Y'all: The Jewish Experience in the American South, tought by Dr. Marcie Cohen Ferris in the Fall of 2015. In groups…