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Far beyond a warhorse: horse motif on Celtic coins of the Danube basin, curated by Yining Li Erin

      Following the Greek tradition of coinage, ‘Celts’ began to make their own coins since the third century BC at latest (Allen, 1987).  Imitative as they are, Celtic coins gradually…

"Our Ancestors the Gauls": Henri Paul Motte and the Gallic/Druidic Revival of Nineteenth-Century France, curated by Catherine Carlisle

    From his body of work, one can see that Henri Paul Motte was interested in depicting compelling moments of warfare; moments of cunning and conquest for one side, of course, means moments of…

Appropriation and Translation: Celtic Art in Roman Gaul and Britain, curated by Adam Harris

While a unified definition of either Roman or Celtic art is, at best, difficult to establish, this exhibition seeks to present, deconstruct and diagnose the intermingling of these distinct artistic…

ART 467 Exhibit: Celtic Art

This online exhibition is the culmination of the work done by students in Professor Dorothy Verkerk’s Spring 2013 Art 467 (Celtic Art) course. Each exhibit consists of an essay or essays summarizing…

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Celtic Plaid, Highland Tartans, and Scottish Identity: curated by Rachel Kirby

“‘The costume consisted of a blouse with sleeves, confined in some cases by a belt, with trousers fitting close at the ankle, and a tartan plaid fastened up at the shoulder with a brooch.’ This…

Cernnunos: A Contemporary Adaptation, curated by Kaitlin Knapp

Cernunnos, the stag-god of ancient Celtic cultures and often represented in centuries-old relics and artifacts, is brought into the contemporary scene through the artwork of this painter and mixed…

Changes in Perception and Self-Identification: Symbolism of the Harp and the Carnyx, curated by Amelia Parlier

This exhibit contains ancient "Celtic" instruments and explores the relationship between what is viewed as quintessential Celtic instruments, the carnyx and harp, and perceptions of how these…

Chicago World's Exposition, curated by Katherine Bailey

At the Chicago World's Fair of 1893, there were two Irish villages that helped to establish and reinforce the stereotypes associated with Ireland.

Comtemporary American Celtic Art, curated by Michael Lau

"With their uniquely American perspective, artists Cindy Matyi, Steve O'Loughlin, Jen Delyth, Michael Carroll and Patrick Gallagher use their Celtic art skills to reflect spiritual, social and…

D.Myers Exhibit

Exhibit and Section Description   Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud…

Defining Irishness: The Use of Celtic Imagery in the Political Murals of Northern Ireland, curated by Caitlin Cooper

This exhibit will explore the use of Celtic imagery in the Republican propaganda murals in Belfast and Derry in Northern Ireland.

Distinguishing Marks: Celtic Tattooing in America, curated by Jesse Franklin

Tattoos serve as an immediate visual indicator of a myriad of things. At some points in history tattoos were a status symbol that publically communicated one’s standing in a community. They also…

Flexibility and Selection: Tracing Manx Celtic Heritage, curated by Sydney Stegall

An examination of Celtic heritage artifacts as selected and expressed by residents of the Isle of Man. Traces an arc of Celticism through stone crosses, the work of Archibald Knox, and present day…

French Illustrations of Celts in François Guizot's A Popular History of France: Redefining French National Identity in Post-Ancien régime France, curated by Maggie Howell

During the tumultous period in France's history that was the 19th century, political power changed hands numerous times, leaving French citizens searching for an identity as a people and…

Images of Women in Literature (Test)

This OMEKA exhibit will explore images of women in literature (including but not exclusively by women) written from the classical era through the twenty-first century. 

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Into the Woods: Fall 2014

tree species.png
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Lights, Camera, Celts!, curated by Erica O’Brien

This exhibition consists of cinematic representations of Celtic speaking people in two feature length films - The Wicker Man (1973) andBrave (2013).

Lindisfarne Gospels: God in Design, curated by Jinjing Zhang

Numerology and geometric design was key to the art of La Tène culture, which produced a rich metalworking tradition that relies on ornamental, non-narrative designs. The early medieval…

M. Davey Exhibit

This exhibit looks at the status of virgin forests in North Carolina through the adventure of one student, and his friend, in the Linville Gorge Wilderness.